Chicago Natural Hair Mall Tour- Fashion Show!!!

Hey Naturalistas!!! So Saturday I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Natural Hair Fashion Show at the Chicago Natural Hair Mall tour!!! I met some beautiful natural models!!! Also, this made me think about doing modeling foreal… I have thought about it but never really pursed it like that. Maybe I will give it a try huh? LOL. But here are a few pics from the event!


“Oh She Not Natural Foreal!” … Say What???

Another great debate! I saw a question about this on my instagram. Also, this was brought to my attention on several occasions while I was wearing my hair straightened.  Other Natural women feel that if you color your hair or wear it blown out that you are not natural foreal.

Question: How do you feel about natural women that wear their hair straight or color it? Does this mean she is not natural foreal?

Why can’t we just be united about our natural hair? Why is there always negativity because of what you do to your hair? I believe that you are natural if you are relaxer free. Being natural is about being able to be versatile….. right? Color it, straighten it, do what you want with it!!!! (Its YOUR hair)  So why do you have to wear your hair in a fro, or in twists all the time? If you feel like wearing it straight or coloring it that’s your choice!! You are still natural!!!! YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT ITS YOUR HAIR! Remember that. I want to know where this rule book on being natural is at because, its like who are making the rules? There are NO rules sheesh!!!

*** What do you think about natural women who wear their hair straight or color it?***

The inner PJ in me!!…. I’m A Sally’s Beauty Club Member

sigh… I’m A PJ!

Yep Ladies!!! I’m a recovering Product Junkie (in denial) !!! LOL! Well I went into Sally Beauty Supply because I was low on ECO Styler Gel…. and ended up with a Sally Beauty Club Membership. The kind sales associate simply sold me on this here $5 a year Club Membership. What it entails:

Beauty Club Rewards and Benefits:

Member-Only Discount Pricing Online and in Stores
Save on every product, every day.

$5 Enrollment Reward
With your paid* membership or renewal, you’ll receive a $5 reward valid on any one purchase the next day through the end of the following month…making your membership essentially FREE!

When you join or renew in store, your reward prints out directly on your receipt. If you join or renew online, you will receive your reward via e-mail within five days of the date you receive your shipment confirmation.

15% Off Rewards
Every month you spend a total of $25 before taxes ($35 in Canada), we will e-mail you a reward to SAVE 15% on your entire purchase the next month.

Qualifying purchases are cumulative within each calendar month. To receive your 15% rewards you must have a valid e-mail address associated with your card account. To add an e-mail address to your card, register for an online account today!

All reward certificates are only valid for U.S. and Canada customers. Customers in all international locations are not eligible for Beauty Club Rewards benefits.

Access Your Membership Information
View your purchase history and track your rewards online at

Receive Exclusive Offers
Join the Beauty Club e-mail list to receive beauty tips, new product announcements, and special offers via e-mail.

FREE Products When You Renew
Renew your membership and receive a $5 reward valid on any one purchase the next day through the end of the following month. Renew during the month your card expires and receive a FREE Ion or Silk Elements product, up to a $7.99 value ($8.99 in Canada)!

Senior and Military Membership Fee Discounts
If you purchase or renew your Beauty Club card in-store, you can request a senior or military discount.  For customers 55 years and older, present your ID showing your birth date and request your $2.50 membership fee discount.  For military personnel, present your active military ID to waive your $5 membership fee.  These discounts are only available in store upon request and are not available online.  Membership fees cannot be refunded for past card purchases and renewals. 

Soo…. it’s worth it right? Plus they have some good product lines in there that I have been wanting to try… Curls Unleashed and As I Am… So Overall for $ 5 Bucks guess I couldn’t beat that.

AND.. .They had the CUTEST!!!! Little Eco Styler sample.. This is going to go right in my purse for EMERGENCIES…Hmm maybe I should go back to get more!!! I know your hair will be looking fly this weekend!! What are your weekend plans? Well…. .I am actually going to be in a Natural Hair Fashion Show!!!! WHOOT! The Event is The Chicago Natural Hair Mall Tour Sponsored by Carols Daughter. I’m SOOOO excited!!! I’ll make sure I have by boo take pics to you guys can see all the BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

isn’t It so DARN cute!!!!

Thus I am Indeed a PJ! I have to update y’all real soon on what else I found out about!!

Transition Tales: Nicole’s Transition Story


Tell me about yourself

My name is Nicole. I’m a sophomore at Vanderbilt University studying Neuroscience and Spanish.

Did you transition or big chop?

I am DEFINITELY a LONG term transitioner. I got my last relaxer in April of 2011, so I’ve been transitioning for a year and three months. Honestly, I love my long locks. I’ve had long hair for a long time, even as a little girl. I couldn’t see myself parting with my long locks so I decided to just grow out my relaxer and get regular trims.

What is your biggest hair challenge? How did you overcome your challenge?

My biggest hair challenge was simply trying to figure out what to DO with my hair. I had no idea how to style my hair or what type of products I wanted to use. But I began to watch a LOT of natural hair videos on YouTube and research tons of blogs on how to properly care for natural hair! I also have a HUGE problem with frizz so I just bought the Curl Care Anti-Frizz Serum by Dr. Miracle….just used it today, so we’ll see how it goes. For my moisture problems, I saturate my hair with water and massage grape seed oil throughout my hair.

What is your hair regimen?

I must admit; I’m a bit of a PJ lol. But right now, if I shampoo, I use the L’Oreal Intense Nourishing Shampoo followed by the Aussie Moist Conditioner. I let my hair drip dry. Afterwards, I split my hair into two sections. I start with one side by putting a quarter-sized amount (I have long, thick hair) of the Aussie Moist conditioner to it. Then, I take a teaspoon of my beloved EVOO and add 5-6 drops of tea tree (or peppermint) oil to it and apply generously. I comb through a little but not much. Then, I finger part my hair and apply the Garnier Fructis Curl Sculpting Cream Gel to each section that I make. I use my wide tooth comb to detangle each section and follow by finger detangling. I normally do two-strand twists and roll the ends!). I repeat the process for the other side. If I decide to deep condition my hair, I use Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner. Once a month, I also do an ACV rinse.

What is your favorite style?

I am a die-hard TnC girl! It’s so easy to do and I don’t have to worry about being in the bathroom all day! Plus, I can’t braid to save my life for some reason so my twists have been my lifesavers.

TnC- Signature Style!

What is your fashion style like?

I am definitely preppy mixed with a sporty chic. I love to be fresh at all times. Love my heels and boots but I love my school shirts and my sweatpants. I like to be creative and put bold colors together to make a statement. I like to express myself through my clothes….I don’t overdo it but I look fly no matter what I’m wearing. I try to exude confidence in my outfits also!

High School Relaxed days!

Where can we find you on-line?

I have a blog I’m doing on tumblr so please check me out at!

Anything else you would like to add?

 In my opinion, natural hair has SO much versatility….I can wear my hair straight, in protective styles, a TnC or a BnC. I have a lot of freedom with my natural hair. There have been times that I’ve wanted to get a relaxer but I refuse to give in! I love my natural hair and wouldn’t dare go back to that creamy crack! 🙂

Our First Hair Story!!!! Want to be featured? Send me your story Thanks Nicole!!!

The Great Natural Debate: Whats Your Hair Type??

Happy Hump Day Naturalistas!!!!!

Whats your hair type? What do you know about the Natural Hair Typing System? Well at first I sure DIDNT know anything!! I know many of you may be on the online hair forums wondering what exactly is 3a 3b 4 hair right? Well look no further….

Many naturals are interested in learning their hair type. Andre Walker is famously known for creating a hair typing system. Andre Walker is also an Emmy award-winning stylist who is known for his work with Oprah. Andre Walker’s hair chart shows four different variations of texture that includes: straight to kinky, Type 1 through 4.  Most people find Andre’s system controversal. So, since then which is a greatly known natural hair site has redone the hair chart to include more breakdowns under the types of hair.

Type 1=( Straight Hair)

Type 2A-C (wavy hair)

Type 3A-C (curly hair)

Type 4A-C (coily/kinky hair)

So why does hair typing exist today? Do you think it’s a positive or negative thing?  Is the hair chart used simply as a chart of curl pattern?  Many Naturalistas  may associate their curl pattern as a means to care for their hair, but is that really what it should be used for? What are your feelings on this?

*** What do you think about the hair typing system?***

To Wash- N- Go Or Not??

Hey Naturalistas!! So I don’t really do the hair typing thing but I did get a few pictures of my hair texture after a wash and thought about doing a wash n go. But…. I’m not sure!!

What do you think? Wash N Go or no?

I have not found the right product to set the wash n go. I Love my curl Enhancing smoothie, it does not seem to curl the front of my hair like I want. The back gets pretty curly, but the front … I don’t know. I want to try the As I am Curling Jelly. Have any of you tried it? If so how is it? Whats the best way to achieve the good wash n go look? Help!!!! Wash N go Or not?

My New Hair Crush: Elle Varner

Happy Monday Beautiful Naturalistas!! Soo…. lets talk hair crushes, As some of you may know my story was featured on my “curlfriends” blog Titled Hair Crush. Well I was asked If I had a HairCrush and if so who… I named a few.. but Man O Man… I think I have a new Hair Crush!! ELLE VARNER!! Have you seen her hair!!! OMG BEAUTIFUL!! JUST GAWEGOUS!!!

*********Who Is your HairCrush?**********