Natural Hair Lingo: 101

Happy Tuesday!!! I know some of you are newly natural and ready to start looking at different websites and blogs and you know nothing about the lingo commonly used on these sites… so I thought that I would define some terms used in the natural community! 🙂

BC- Big chop= This is known as the process of cutting off all the relaxed ends of your hair to show your natural hair texture.

TWA- Teenie Weenie Afro= A small Fro

Co- Wash= washing hair using conditioner rather than shampoo

Pre-Poo= Prepping hair before Shampooing (oil treatments

Protective Styles= Twists, etc. Which protect ends from breaking

Transitioning= Growing out your relaxer without BCing first!!!! Maintaing the two textures for a while

2nd Day Hair= Hair that lasts on the second day of you styling! It looks good for it to be second day hair 🙂

3abc/ 4abc= hair typing

Pineappling= high ponytail used to protect curls while sleeping

SSK= Single Strand Knots

TnC= twist and curl (made famous by CURLYNIKKI and my FAV style/ Staple)

BnC= braid and curl braid hair and roll the ends my other staple

EVOO= Extra virgin Olive Oil

EVCO= extra virgin Coconut oil

HIH= Hand in hair syndrome LOL

JBCO= Jamaican Black Castor oil

Cones= Non – water-soluble sillicones

DC= Deep Condition

PJ= Product Junkie ( I am one)

TO= Twist Out

Nappyversary= anniversary of the day one becomes natural

Slip= describes how slippery a product is and makes your hair (aids in detangling)

Wash and Go= co wash your hair add conditioner or styler shake and GO!!!

Bantu Knot= hairstyle that is created when the hair is sectioned off in a diamond, triangle, or square and twisted into knots

Argan Oil= oil that is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids can be used as a daily moisturizer

CG= curly girl a Method

BSS= beauty supply store

Denman= company the produces a curl defining brush!!! BEST BRUSH EVER

DIY= Do it yourself

Henna= a natural colorants hair dye

HG= Holy Grail – statement used for products that you have tried and it works for you

Regimen= your day-to-day or weekly hair care styling guide

Hair length Terms

EL: Ear Length

NL: Neck Length

SL: Shoulder length

APL: Arm Pit Length

BSL: Bra Strap Length

MBL: Mid Back Length


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