Is Long Term Transitioning Looked Down Upon?

Question of the day… Is long-term transitioning looked down upon????

So I was a long-term transitioner, and I have shared my story on blogs and also seen other naturals share their long-term transition story and have seen such comments such as ” that’s too long” , “just cut your hair”, “You are not brave enough, “natural enough”. So my question is why is that it that other naturals who may have did the BC feel that they can tell a transitioner that she is not “brave enough”.? Is there a natural hair rule book that states ALL women who want to go natural must BC and abide by these rules? I personally dislike when I read such comments!!! I feel that no one’s natural story is the same and it shouldnt be, we should all be on these such blogs encouraging each other. It just makes me upset when I see other natural sisters commenting with nothing nice to say!!! So I want to be an advocate for long-term transitioners and let them know it is OK!!! ITS YOUR HAIR!!! Some people don’t want to cut off the relaxed ends right away! I totally feel you!!! 🙂 Go at your own pace is what I say! Your hair, Your story! What are your thoughts!! come on comment Let me know lol… o yeah and subscribe to my blog!! Dont be SHY!!!


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