To Wash- N- Go Or Not??

Hey Naturalistas!! So I don’t really do the hair typing thing but I did get a few pictures of my hair texture after a wash and thought about doing a wash n go. But…. I’m not sure!!

What do you think? Wash N Go or no?

I have not found the right product to set the wash n go. I Love my curl Enhancing smoothie, it does not seem to curl the front of my hair like I want. The back gets pretty curly, but the front … I don’t know. I want to try the As I am Curling Jelly. Have any of you tried it? If so how is it? Whats the best way to achieve the good wash n go look? Help!!!! Wash N go Or not?


2 thoughts on “To Wash- N- Go Or Not??

  1. I like it, if my hair looked like that with a wash n go I would do it all the time, my hair looks like that on a good day with 2 strand twists..I’m about to give up this natural life

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