The Great Natural Debate: Whats Your Hair Type??

Happy Hump Day Naturalistas!!!!!

Whats your hair type? What do you know about the Natural Hair Typing System? Well at first I sure DIDNT know anything!! I know many of you may be on the online hair forums wondering what exactly is 3a 3b 4 hair right? Well look no further….

Many naturals are interested in learning their hair type. Andre Walker is famously known for creating a hair typing system. Andre Walker is also an Emmy award-winning stylist who is known for his work with Oprah. Andre Walker’s hair chart shows four different variations of texture that includes: straight to kinky, Type 1 through 4.  Most people find Andre’s system controversal. So, since then which is a greatly known natural hair site has redone the hair chart to include more breakdowns under the types of hair.

Type 1=( Straight Hair)

Type 2A-C (wavy hair)

Type 3A-C (curly hair)

Type 4A-C (coily/kinky hair)

So why does hair typing exist today? Do you think it’s a positive or negative thing?  Is the hair chart used simply as a chart of curl pattern?  Many Naturalistas  may associate their curl pattern as a means to care for their hair, but is that really what it should be used for? What are your feelings on this?

*** What do you think about the hair typing system?***


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