Losing Sight of What Is Important!!

Hello Fellow Naturalistas! Ok So I have been debating on writing about this topic, but now I’m fed up hearing about it so here it goes.

I know we have all seen the posts on, twitter, facebook etc, about Gabby Douglas’ Hair. People are saying negative comments like “oh how could she go on TV like that”, “Her hair is a hot mess”, “She is a cute girl but her hair…what is that” “her hair is not kept” “she needs to represent”etc.

OK PEOPLE ENOUGH!!! Really though?? This beautiful young woman is out here winning GOLD MEDALS at the age of 16 and all you can do is comment about her hair? Really? Why are people so upset about her hair? It’s a shame because you are so busy paying attention to her hair that you are missing sight of what is important. She is making Olympic history by becoming the First African American to win the individual all around gold in gymnastics!!!. I am so disappointed about what I have been reading about her hair. This young woman is courageous, dedicated, hardworking, and has passion for what she does!!

Congrats!!!! GO GABBY!! Awesome job!!!

FYI: She is not in a pageant or America’s Next Top Model.  How is her hair supposed to look?


4 thoughts on “Losing Sight of What Is Important!!

  1. I agree! I’ve never seen a lovelier or more talented 16 year old. She’s also a world class athlete, I would imagine her hair (which looks great) is the last thing on her mind!

  2. Thank you soooooo much for this post! It’s absolutely ridiculous that anyone even commented on her hair much less dare to say that she needs to represent. She has REPRESENTED and in a Huge way! She’s absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t be more proud of Miss Gabby Douglas!

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