Do you follow the Curly Girl Method??

Happy MONDAY Naturalistas! Question of the Day: Have you heard of the Curly Girl Method (CG).? Do you abide by it?

 Well if not let me give you a little history behind what is known as the Curly Girl Method.

The Curly Girl Method

The Curly Girl Method is a regimen created by Lorraine Massey. It is also referred to as the “no-poo” Method, the nickname of no -poo came about by not using sulfate shampoos, because they strip your hair of its natural oils. The curly girl method is based on the book “curly girl”.

Like many regimens, no one regimen has the same results for everyone. I personally do not follow everything by the curly girl method. You have to figure out which regimen works best for you.

Some basics of the curly girl method:

1. Clarify hair with a sulfate free shampoo before starting the CG method.

2. Use a wide toothed comb instead of a brush, this will make it easier to not damage the hair with a brush when wet or dry.

3. Stop shampooing your hair and start co-washing.

4. Avoid silicones that are not water-soluble

5. dry your hair with a towel

From what I read about this method many say you have to keep doing it to get consistent results. I don’t follow this method but i just thought I would give you guys insight on what it’s about. You can find more info on and also wikihow has the method step by step.

So do any of you follow the curly girl method? What do you do the same? What do you do differently?


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