My Product Stash!!

Happy Hump Day beautiful Naturalistas!! Are you a product junkie? Well I’m in denial!!! And I want more stuff!! Is that bad? Check out my stash!!

Whats in your stash? What products have you tried and liked? What products have you tried and disliked? Weigh in!!!! Let me know!!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Product Stash!!

  1. I’ve tried alot of products too, and I still want more. I may be a product junkie in denial. Been doing the natural thing 4 years and still trying to figure out what works for my hair. I used to use Motions and Organic Root Stimulator products when I relaxed, and I still use some of their deep and leave-in conditioners. I’ve been using Wen since I’ve been natural. Started with the cleansing conditioner (their version of shampoo), and have recently started trying other products in the line. My love is divided, lol, because I am also obsessed with Carol’s Daughter. Besides being natural, starting in a home kitchen, and being Black-owned, I love that Carol’s Daughter has products for when I want to wear my hair curly or straight, and she has a nice body care line too. And Wen is cheaper through QVC, and Carol’s Daughter is very reasonable and even more so through HSN. Yea, I might need to rethink the whole product junkie admission =)

  2. I am a product junkie!! I have tried the KKNT and love it! The Cantu Shea was ok in the beginning,but I read that they changed the ingredients recently,the Tresseme Naturals moisturizing conditioner is the TRUTH for my hair! I’ve been wanting to try the Shea Moisture line,but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Question: What can I use to slick my hair back into a poneytail/bun? I am 10 months post relaxer,and nothing seems to help. My hair frizzes like nobody’s business in all this Ga heat!!

    • Yes TREseeme Naturals is the TRUTH RIGHT! I love that stuff!!! You can use Eco Styler gel to slick your hair back in a pony/bun right with some water. Thats what i use!

  3. I have been wanting to try the Cantu Shea butter leave in & Tresemme Naturals Condish. My new growth seems to get dry quickly (hopefully it’s just a phase). How well do they work in your opinion? Also have you used raw shea butter mixes?

    I am definitely a PJ!! Im just trying to figure out my staple products! I told myself that I wouldnt buy anything new until I used up what I have now (so i can really see the long term effects). LOL! But everytime I go to a store, I just have to swing by the hair section! AND then I just found out my town has a banging health food store! (HAIR HEAVEN!) They have ail the oils, butters, ACV, Aubreys GBP, Giovanii stuff. So Im in love! Then there 20% off every 1st MOnday of the month!! So this is great for a PJ!

    Do you cone any?? (or atleast the water soluable cones?)

    • Girl Im a product junkie! SMH I still want to try MORE! I love the TreSemme Naturals!!! I think they both work great! The Tresemme is sillicone free which is GOOD! Im trying to figure out my staple products as well, I avoid the natural hair isle in the store LOL! I love GIOVANNI!! I just bought it from my local health food store and IM IN LOVE!!!!! New Staple, I want to try the Aubreys Organics. I am trying to somewhat follow the curly girl method so I’m trying to avoid sillicones, but I do prefer water soluable cones over any other. I have to see how my hair does with me just co washing, because I am only shampooing now once a month 🙂

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