Transitioning 101: What are my options during my transition?



There are plenty of options for you to explore while transitioning. I personally went to my stylist every two weeks and she helped me through my transition, but not everyone does that :). Here are a few options:

Air-Drying your hair – a quick and easy way to retain moisture and elasticity in the hair, as well as blend new growth.

Blow-Drying/Flat Ironing – This is what I did. My stylist blow dried my hair and flat ironed it. This helped smooth new growth. This is a Great option for those who want to transition without looking like they are “transitioning”

Braid outs and twist outs– this involves braiding, twisting, or Bantu knotting the hair. A great way to have a soft, textured look.

Setting you hair (Roller setting, rod setting, etc.) – This is a great way to blend the two textures of your hair while transitioning. I wore my hair like in rod sets several times through my transition. This way is a bit more time-consuming but one of the healthiest ways to transition

Extensions and Weaves  – I know of many transitioners who wear weaves to help aid in their tranitioning process.

Going to your Stylist – many stylists will help you transition with the use of healthy hair products, treatments and techniques.

I hope this will give you a brief overview of your options for transitioning! More info to come 😉 Happy Monday Chicas!!! How was your weekend? Are you transitioning or did you big chop? What are your experiences? Weigh in!!!!



6 thoughts on “Transitioning 101: What are my options during my transition?

  1. I’m transitioning n its been hard! I feel like I’m gne try the roller/rod set this week. No chop for me right now but I’ve been getting my ends clipped. right now I’m trying different products n wearing ponytails.

  2. Hey Chelle – I’ve been transitioning for 13 months. Things were going well until like this month. Every Sunday I spend all this time braiding, twisting, etc, and the only part of my hair that looks wavy are the relaxed ends. My natural hair is just there doing nothing. So my hair looks like puff – then ringlets. LOL. As a result I just wear a bun. I rarely get it flat ironed but I might need something soon. I’m thinking about cutting next month.

    • Im sorry girl! You maybe need to find the right products that work for your hair. Dont cut until you are ready!!! Have you tried Shea Moisture curl enchancing smoothie for your twists or braid outs?

      • Hey – Yes. I use the curl enhancing smoothie currently for both twists and braidouts. Now, to date, my hair is soft and moisturized just not taking to styling. I have tried styling on wet hair, semi dried hair, and dry hair with spritzer. I wonder what I am doing wrong.

        And yes, I think I want to cut but that won’t solve the problem because it’s my natural hair that is just puff and I assume it will continue to be…puff lol. I’m going to try a bantu knot out on sprtized/mostly dry hair tonight.

  3. Thanks for the information. I am currently six months into my transition, and I have a long way to go. I finally broke down and went to a stylist for a blow dry and flat iron. I was really please with the results. So in an effort to keep my sanity, it looks like I will be visiting the salon regularly.

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