Dont Feel Pressured to Big Chop


…..It’s not for everyone

Deciding to go natural is a big decision, but a personal choice. With that said, deciding whether to big chop or not can also be a difficult choice. Some women choose to start from scratch and completely cut off all there tresses to start their natural process. Others choose to transition, meaning they grow their relaxer out until they are comfortable to cut their hair.

Which ever choice you decide to make is OK!!! Let me just say this, I was a transitioner (long term) and the pressure to big chop weighed heavy on me because of others comments and negativity. Big Chopping is not for everyone and neither is transitioning. Its your own personal choice. Big chopping does not make you any “more natural”  and transitioning does not make you any “less natural”.

I have had many women tell me that they are anxious and are want to cut their hair to speed up their natural process. My best advice to anyone who is transitioning and considering the BC, is don’t BC until you are completely ready.

Quick story: I was at a natural hair meet up where there was a question and answer session. The question was asked “I am a transitioner and I am having trouble maintaining the two textures of my hair, what options do I have”?” There was an answer from an audience member and her reply was “girl… you are just going to have to cut your hair off!”.

The main point is:  Don’t feel pressured to big chop if you are not ready. Some women are not comfortable having short hair and others are. Its YOUR choice whether you want to Big Chop or transition. At the end of the day you are brave because you are embarking on the journey to natural. Going Natural is a personal journey (your journey). You will face many challenges and sometimes be discouraged to continue on with your journey. But, remember that in the end the results will be well worth it if you stick with it. 🙂

Happy Friday Naturalistas!!!!


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