Transitioning 101: Dealing with your two textures

Happy Hump Day Naturalista’s!!!!

If you are transitioning, I know it can be a difficult task dealing with your hair’s two textures. A few words of encouragement… Keep Going… It will be ok 🙂

The most difficult part of transitioning is dealing with the two completely different textures. A part of your hair will be straight while the other part is coily, curly or wavy. To make things worse when you attempt to care for your two textures, sometimes you can create breakage. But, don’t get discouraged because  there are many ways to help make your transition to natural breakage free.

Remember to Moisturize!!

The point where your relaxed and natural hair meets is called the line of demarcation. This is the area of your hair that may be weak and even brittle.  Remember to keep your hair moisturized because this will help prevent this meeting point from becoming dry and breaking off.

You should condition your hair regularly and also make sure you deep condition. This is KEY! Having a good deep conditioning regimen,  can help you maintain a proper moisture with the two different textures of your hair.
When I was transitioning, I Deep conditioned every two weeks, some like to deep condition once a week. The choice is up to you.  I also went to my stylist every two weeks many transitioiners choose not to which is fine.

Be Gentle With the two textures
I know how it is when transitioning. You just want to give up because it can get very frustrating!! The two textures of your hair seems to be not cooperating with you and you just don’t want to keep up with that hassle.

When detangling remember to be very gentle because of the two textures. You don’t want to be overly rough when detangling and also when washing. If you are overly rough with your hair it can cause breakage, which we don’t want. So be careful with your tresses 🙂
Even though this process will be challenging, don’t give up! Take you time, and you will be all good 🙂

While transitioning try styles that require low manipulation like buns, and twist out and braid outs. These styles hide the two textures but also are low manipulation. Also, use shampoos that are sulfate free. Sulfates tend to be harsh on the hair.

Remember to…..condition, condition, condition! Avoid breakage by using a wide tooth comb when detangling.

Lastly,( If you can) try to consult with a natural hair stylist. They can’t help you through your transitioning period (This is the method I took :).  A visit to the stylist for a good deep conditioning can be beneficial during your transition.


3 thoughts on “Transitioning 101: Dealing with your two textures

  1. I have been following your blog for about a month now and you have some really great articles, keep up the good work!..Also, for us transitioners you have to include how finding the right products and routine is what can keep you encouraged, because I was about to forget all this natural business and get a press and curl until I tried Ms. Jessies again last weekend..I liked it, will it work again, this weekend..who knows? but I have enough products in my clost to keep trying until I find it..

    • I want to tell you also I know how you feel girl, Every time you do your hair its not going to come out the same either! I just did my hair this weekend and it was a fail. So I still have those moments!!! But Dont resort back!!! 🙂 Much Love!!!

  2. Thank YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! Yes dont worry, I am working on several posts about finding the right products to work for you 🙂 Dont give up!!! 🙂 I got ya!!! Thanks again GIRL I appreciate it!!!

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