Michelle’s Best Of August Finds!

Happy Hump Day Naturalista’s!!! I wanted to share with you guys my best product finds of August. You guys know that I’m somewhat of a product junkie!!! LOL. products that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I will also do a video for YouTube with the same content.

1. Qhemet Aethiopika Hydrate and Twist Butter– If you have been following my blog you know that I have been raving about this product! That’s why its number one on my list!!! It’s the bomb.com!!!

2. Giovanni Direct Leave In– Got this at the health foods store where I purchased Qhemet. I like this, the only thing I don’t like about it is it does not absorb into my hair all the way. Other than that this stuff is great! moisturizes my hair like NO OTHER!! definitely 2 thumbs up!

3. As I am Coconut Cowash– purchased from Sally’s!! And yessss this stuff right here is the BOMB! I use this for cowashing! Smells amazing and makes my hair very soft!!

4. Palmers Olive Oil Deep conditioner– Got this product in my August CurlBOX and I NEED TO FIND A BIG BOTTLE of this! I have only found sample packs at my local beauty supply! If you know where I can get a big bottle let me know! This stuff makes detangling a breeze, and moisturizes my hair very well! 5 stars from me!

What are your best product finds of August?


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