Attention LADIES Do you want a curlbox? Well below is the email I received from curlbox with instructions on getting your hands on your very own curlbox!! GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!


This email brings you GREAT news!  We are re-opening our VIP membership and again, telling you exactly when we’re going to do it! 
Grab your phone, go into the calendar and set the alarm because on Saturday, September 22nd at 3:00pm EST you can go to and sign up for a monthly subscription to curlbox.   The October curlbox will be the first one you will receive and will ship between October 8th and 12th.
Listen to me… Come closer … PLEASE DO NOT delay! Even though this will be our LARGEST expansion to date, you know these subscriptions won’t last long.  We fully expect the VIP list will sell out in less than 2 hours.  The last two times we opened the list they sold out in less than an hour.  If you already have a yearly or monthly membership, no need to do anything.
Now on to the basics:
The October  curlbox will ship  between October 7th and 12th.
You can cancel your subscription any time by sending a simple email to with your name, email address, and order number.
Your next payment for the November curlbox will be on October 15th.
Please be advised that when you sign up for the monthly VIP Membership, your credit card will be charged EVERY month.  This is the case EVEN if you mark your account to “not remember” your credit card information or delete your credit card info from your account.  To cancel send an email to
I’m really excited to welcome even more new members!! I read your emails and see the Facebook posts and tweets and you can’t even imagine how excited I am that you’re so excited to join us!  In the meantime, if you have any questions or just want to chat, shoot me an email at

Good Luck ladies!!!! Peace and LOVE!


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