How I Achieved 4 day Vacation HAIR!!!!! :)

 Hola Naturalista’s!!! I’m back from my vacation fully rested( I think) and ready for the workweek!!! Sorry I could not post as much, the wi-fi in the hotel was not what I thought it was going to be!!! Anyhoo, I had a great BDAY week in VEGAS!!! It was super hot, but bearable! I enjoyed every bit of it.

So, now on to the hair deets! I wore my hair in twists on the way there, I co-washed the night before and let them air dry the whole day and took the twist down Tuesday night for my bday the day we arrived out in Vegas! I was sooooo happy with how my twist out turned out!!!! I recently learned how to pineapple my hair right!!! So with that ladies and gents… I GOT 4 DAY VACATION HAIR!!! WHOOOOO!!! I pineappled Tuesday night, Wed, Thurs and Friday…… I had REALLY BIG HAIR! Which I LOVED… and they had to check my hair at the airport…. THE NERVE LOL! 🙂 Here are pics of my hair!

Day 1 Hair before take down

After I took down my hair 🙂

Day 2 Hair 🙂

Day 3 Hair

Day 4 hair.. time to go home 😦

They checked my hair at the airport!!!!

This is how I preserved my hair at nighttime : The Pineapple method

Pineappled at night

How do you wear your hair on vacation? What are your methods?


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