Nicki Minaj says she is Natural!????

Hmmmm… So I know you all have probably seen all over the internet that rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted a picture of her “natural Hair”. According to MTV “The YMCMB rapper and New American Idol judge rocks wigs of all different colors, lengths and styles but this week she decided to give her barbz a look at her natural hair on Twitter.”- MTV

Nicki tweeted: “2 braids left” with a picture of her long, brown hair. My first thoughts are HMMMM, so why can’t we see your face? But that’s just me. But…. Hey IM NOT Judging,  just saying 🙂 If she is natural yayy for her!!!!

Reactions on twitter to her hair according to MTV “Her loyal fans and Twitter followers did not lack in reaction, since they finally got to see what’s under those crazy wigs. Some reactions to the picture included: “AHHHHH!!!!!!!! You got major hang time!!!” and “OMG your hair is so long!!” Then, Nicki followed with another tweet: “No chemicals. No perm,” which enthused fans even more.”- MTV

Hmm… Im a little skeptical…. Why can’t we see her face? What do you think?


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