The Pineapple Method

How I wear my hair at night to preserve my style 🙂

So I have been talking a lot about the pineapple method, and a lot of you ladies have asked me what it is. The Pineapple method is a procedure used to preserve your  curl pattern. At night you use some of your favorite hair oil into your scalp and on your ends. Then using a headband, or satin scrunchie (preferably one that’s semi-worn)  put your hair on top of your head-like a pineapple.  If you do this correctly, you can sleep on your head however you want, and your curls won’t become flat or looked worn out. Many naturals use this method when they’re rocking their curls, and it’s helped preserve them for a week.

Check out this video of a fellow YouTuber’s Pineapple Method 🙂


Do You Pineapple at night?


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