Chelle’s Hair Update: Length Check

Hola my beautiful Naturalista’s. So…. went to my stylist this past weekend and got my hair straightened!!! Havent had a blow out since my graduation in May so I was a little excited :). I like to straighten my hair when it gets cool because it will last longer, in the summertime I can forget it!!! Last time my hair poofed up within hours :(. I will also upload a length check video on my YouTube so make sure to check out my channel if you havent already 🙂 Subscribe!!! It’s free LOL!

Right Pic May 2012 Left Pic Oct 2012

Let me just give a shout out to Salon Pressure and my stylist Nadling… This girl has magical hands I tell you… She takes care of me!!! My hair never feels dried out when I leave, always sleek and moisturized and most of all HEALTHY!!!! Thanks Team Pressure, Nad, Toyah, Danis, and Quincee, You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your NEW SHOP!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

Do you straighten? If so How Often?


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