My Updated Regimen

Happy Friday Naturalista’s. Fall is upon us!!! Do you change your regimen for the Fall/Winter? Well since my regimen has been updated I wanted to share it with all of you 🙂

My Updated Regimen is as follows

Co-Wash once a week either on Friday or Sunday (whichever day I have time)- With As I am Coconut Cowash/ Tresemme Naturals

Shampoo Once a month with – Cream of Nature with Argan Oil, Sulfate Free shampoo

Leave in conditioner Giovanni Direct Leave in

Styler- (for twist n curls – Qhemet Atheiopika Hydrate and Twist butter, For Braid and Curls- Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set setting lotion)

Deep conditioner Palmers Olive Oil Formula Deep Conditioner- should deep condition every wash session 🙂

And lastly I Seal my ends with coconut oil and/or Cantu leave in Conditioner

Since it is getting colder remember to MOISTURIZE your hair more than you would in the summer 🙂

Other tips via CURLYNIKKI.COM:

“Other ways to winterize your curls:
  • Consider updos to protect your hair (especially your delicate ends) from the elements. Central heat, bitter winds, and the vents in your car that blast heat on high, can all-weather your strands. I’m not really into hiding my hair, but I do tend to bun more often in the winter.
  • Deep treat at every styling session. Do as I say, not as I do, lol. When I was doing this, my hair was exquisite. All it takes is 15 minutes… and don’t forget the bonnet dryer, it really does make a difference!
  • Look for satin lined hoods and hats to keep the wool and cotton from wicking the moisture from your curls and/or causing breakage. Plus, the satin lining will help prevent hat hair! I’m too cool for hats, but I do line my coat collar with a satin scarf to keep my ends from catching on the rough material.
  • Opt for curl creams, not gels for the winter months. Save the gels for summer. Moisture is the goal, and a styler that has moisturizing properties is a win-win.”

I have not bought any products in the last two months!!!!! YAYY ME!! – I have curlbox and it has been serving me up some good products!!! Myleik is the let me tell ya!!!

Styles will remain the same, and include protective styles such as my twists, which I will leave in for a few days before takedown.

Have you tweeked your regimen for winter?


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