My Adventures with Straight Hair

Happy Thursday Naturalistas!!!! The weekend is upon us.. WHoo Hoo! lol. So as many of you know I straightened my hair. I have had it straight for almost two weeks. Today is wash day 🙂 which I’m super excited about because this weekend I will be attending the Curlynikki Meetup In Chicago!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for Nikki to come to Chicago FOREVER so this I can’t miss !!!

So on to my adventures with straight hair.LOL… Ok I shocked some people at work, this one woman asked where I got my invisible weave done at? Really lady? I got stares and comments in target asking if this was my hair or weave,and where could they get theirs done :). I have also gotten questions about am I “Mixed” with something because there is no way my hair could be that long. What? Why… ummm black girls CAN GROW HAIR!!! sheesh!! Oh and the infamous ” I like you hair better this way, why don’t you wear it like that more often”. (Not Happening son LOL)  So the good and bad comments, the ignorance and all I liked my time with my hair straight,  but let me tell you its BORING!!! I want my curls BACK!!! Cant wait to wash my hair!!!!

But I will say my stylist is THE BOMB and If you want her info keep reading. She is the only person that I will EVER let straighten my hair!! Magical hands. 🙂 But I have loved my time with straight hair but let me tell you its BORING!!! I want my curls BACK!!! Cant wait to wash my hair!!!!

The Before!! Whoo… Danis Tamed my FRO!!

If you are in Chicago and are looking for a GREAT stylist. Check out my girl Nadling at

Salon Pressure

1333 W. Taylor

Chicago, IL 60607

Me and my Stylist Nadling at the Grand Opening of her NEW SALON!!! 🙂

Sooo… Back to my CURLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Lata Curlies!!!!!!!!