My Hair: The Right Side VS. The Left Side


So last night was wash night for me. Very eventful :). I used a new deep conditioner that I’m totally excited to review for you all (will be coming soon). I used Motions Naturally You Deep Treatment Masque. I received this product from the Curlynikki event. BUT on to the real problem. I began to twist my hair as usual, but I always notice this problem and had to share. So I posted the above pic on instagram last night. The right side of my hair is totally different from the left :(. The right side curls at the ends all pretty…. while the left side is wavy and much looser. So when I do my twists I prefer to rod the ends of those that dont curl as I would like. My hair has always been this way. I can remember when I was relaxed, my right side would always act better than the left. Hmmm not sure why this happens lol.

Does anyone else’s hair do this?? Weigh in!!! Happy Friday!!!!

What are your weekend plans??


8 thoughts on “My Hair: The Right Side VS. The Left Side

  1. OMG! I thought only my hair did that..Right now as I sit here, the right side is wavy straight at the ends, the left side is tight curly/coily, so is the back whereas the top is wavy. I thought once I had the straight ends cut off it would ll work out, but nope it refuses to cooperate.

  2. mine used to do that all the time, but now it curls evenly. For me, I found that b/c of flat ironing my hair so often for years it damaged my curl pattern, so after I stopped straightening I kept the ends trimmed and let it continue to grow. eventually the bad ends were gone and my hair reverted back to its curl.

  3. You know me and my four textures and I never used heat more than twice a year. It’s just the way it is. Wavy on one side, curly on the other, straight at the nape and the curliest and coarsest at my crown. I remember that I thought the right side would eventually curl if I cut out the straight parts. Finally, I realized that’s just the way it was. My stylist Tameeka told me the side that you sleep on can be less dense and less curly. Maybe that’s it?

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