Protective Style: Marley Twists

Sooo…. I think I want to give the tresses a rest for a while. My Instagram has been crackin with fellow naturals and their protective styling. They are HOTTT!!! I am thinking about getting Marley twists/ braids. I wanted Senegalese twists but I think I like the Marley Braids better. And to top it off I think I am going to try to do them myself!!!!!!!!!!! I’m brave right… LOL! But I figure, I twist my hair myself…so maybe if I take my time I can really do these.  Plus I don’t trust others with my hair. Especially when it comes to braiding. I don’t want them to get all those little baby hairs LOL!

So I will try to do a video… If they come out nice (I’m hoping they will LOL) I will probably do them in a few weeks… Wish me Luck!!

I want mine like this! u like?

Are you protective styling for the fall/winter? What are your hair plans?


4 thoughts on “Protective Style: Marley Twists

  1. I was thinking about doing my own chunky twist marley braids like cassandre beccai. She has a easy tutorial I thought hey I can do that. Wish me success and same to you.

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