Beauty Corner: Target Finds

Hey Naturalistas! I have been so into makeup lately. I have fallen in love with eye shadow, bough new mascara, face primer, and the list goes on. Hey I’m a girly girl!!! LOL. So…. Have you been to target lately? Are you a beauty junkie like me? Well If you are… make sure you check out target! They have some really affordable makeup for the holiday season. Great Stocking suffers!!! I know I will be purchasing some for my friends and family!!! Oh the product junkie in me!!! So … yeah next week I will be going back to purchace those brushes… they are only $10!!! Happy Tuesday Naturalistas!!!


4 thoughts on “Beauty Corner: Target Finds

  1. I love Tarjay! Lol, I always buy makeup and never use it…or lose it. Guess because I don’t really go places so I usually forget to put it on lol

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