Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!


Happy Valentine’s day to all my naturalista’s out there! I know most think VDAY is wack, overrated etc. It’s not even all about that! You should love everybody everyday! And if you S/O does not do for you on the other 364 days out of the year then drop them!!!!!

Everyone!!! I encourage all of you if you are single, coupled or complicated lets channel the true power of this very important day!!. Valentine’s day is the day of love, and there is nothing more important all year round!!!. Use this day to give love, show gratitude and appreciation to all of the people who’ve touched your life this year. Whether it’s giving them a gift, a hug or a simple call to say you love them or are thinking about them!!!. Take flowers to your naturalista single best friend! Call your Mother or Granny and tell them you love them, make some homemade cookies, or red velvet cake (LOL) for that person who did you a big favor this year!. Honestly, doing any of these gestures will just make you feel awesome! Ladies and gents, that’s really what Valentine’s day is supposed to be all about! Spreading love, being of service to someone in need, expressing your positive emotions towards other and yourself and also just feeling good in general. Let nobody ruin that for you!!! And I will end saying that I appreciate EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY subscribers, followers, all of y’all! You are each beautiful! and so is your HAIR LOL! MUCH LOVE xoxox – Michelle

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