Rod Set on Natural Hair..Plus my PARTY Deets!!

Hello everyone!! Sorry I have been a little MIA I know LOL. I was preparing for my housewarming party and getting the house together. 🙂 whew now that’s over!!

So for my party I decided to try out something new that I have never tried myself before… a rod set!! Let me tell you that I will be doing this style more often… because I LOVE IT!!!

What I used:
– Shampoo : Cream of Nature with Argan Oil
– Deep Contditioner: EdenBodyworks All Natural Deep Conditioner (MY NEW FAV OMG!!!)
– EdenBodyworks Coconut Shea Leave in (LOVE IT)!!
– Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse to set
– White Perm Rods


So I did the set on Friday Night and let it set all day until Saturday 🙂 Here is a pic before I took the rods out and one before I separated the curls!



The Results after I separated hair:


I was in LOVE with this style!!! I got soooo many complements!! (Even the question of … is that all your hair or a WIG! HA LOL)

Meanwhile at my housewarming party… WE HAD A BLLLLAAASSSTTT… Check out some pics!!



My Curlfriends!!!

Charlie's Angels LOL!!

Charlie’s Angels LOL!!


My outfit :) The hostess !!

My outfit 🙂 The hostess !!

The Boo and I :)

The Boo and I 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful day!1 xoxo Michelle


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