Natural’s Spotlight: Jacobi


1. Tell me about yourself

Hello, My name is Jacobi or Cobi as I’m also known as.  I’m from a little town called Neptune, New Jersey. I have received my Masters in HR management and recently got engaged. Since my engagement, I have really being pursing my hair and fashion career. I have been doing a lot of natural hair styles in the area and teaching myself how to sew. Building an empire with my talents!
2. How long have you been natural?

I got one perm in about six grade and stopped immediately because of the burning.  I have been natural since then but I straighten my hair on a weekly basis to have the silky straight look. No one even knew I was natural. I decided to embrace my natural texture when I started sweating every day from working out and stepping. I was nervous of my texture and how to manage it. Because of the heat damage, I started to just slowly cut off a little hair at a time. I became a born again natural and I LOVEEEEEEEEE it.
3. Did you transition or Big Chop?

I transitions from my one time perm to press and curl every 2 weeks. Definitely not the best idea but that is the way that I grew out my perm. 

4. What is your biggest hair challenge?

How did you overcome your challenge? 2 challenges that I have are being too rough on my hair and dryness. I always do my hair when im rushing to go somewhere, which causes me to not take my hair and ripp though my tangles instead of being gentle and massaging them out. I learn to schedule the appropriate amount of time for my hair. As far as dryness, I learned to listen to my hair and moisturize when needed

.5. What is your hair regimen?

My regimen consists of weekly 8 hour deep conditioning session with Shea Moisture deep treatment masque or homemade conditioner and co washing with Tresemme naturals. I rarely use shampoo unless I have a lot of buildup. Every week after I pamper it with the DC,  I alternate between twist outs and up dos. When I wear my twist outs, I rock the twist during the work week and then on the weekend I make it either funky or edgy. I put in a high wild bun, braided head band, or I just throw on a dope turban.
6. What is your favorite style?

My Fav Go-to Style is a High Bun with big chunky earrings. I mist my hair with water, olive oil, and Glycerin Mix, Leave in conditioner Shea Moisture restorative conditioner and Eco Styler Gel. I secure it with a regular black shoe string and bobby pins. Sometimes I will even put the bun to the side of my head. What I love about buns are that they don’t have to be perfect.
7. What is your fashion style like?

My fashion is ecceletic, simple with a pop, and boho all wrapped up in one. I recently just started making my clothes. I love the fact that I can make up an item that fits my style perfectly. I am also a thrifter so I also love the vintage look. As far as my hair I like that neat but effortless look.8. Where can we find you on-line? What else would you like to add?YouTube Channel:
Instagram: mizzcobiFacebook: Listen to your hair! Good Hair is Healthy Hair

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