Wash Day Made Easier

Hey Naturalistas!! How does your current wash day go? Long,… Tiring?

So… Dont you just hate wash day sometimes? Because you know it will take you FOREVER to do your hair, then style it!!. Hmph and don’t let you have somewhere to go, LOL!  You will leave out the house twisted up in a beanie!!! So for my housewarming party I received a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond, I’m like what am I going to buy from here… and then I walked past the shower heads!!!! And it dawned on me… ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!


OMG why havent I had one of these!!!! This thing is like a lifesaver!!!

Price $54.99 ( Mine was on sale for 29!!!!) I am sure they can be found cheaper at Wal-mart or Target.

Deets on the one I bought:  The 22-inch Hotel Spa Multi-shower Slide Bar has 25 unique settings and is height and angle adjustable. The Multi-shower Slide Bar secures to the shower mount on shower arm preventing loosening or over-rotation.

      • Brand: Natural Essentials
      • Materials: Metal/plastic/vinyl
      • Finish: Stainless steel
      • Has 25 unique settings
      • 22-inch stainless steel shower bar
      • Height and angle adjustable
      • Secures to the shower mount on shower arm preventing loosening or over-rotation
      • Dual shower mount has a 3-way water switch and a 5-function shower head
      • Can choose from 10 single and 15 combination flow patterns
      • Mounts in minutes with no tools and no plumbing


Let me tell you that my wash time has been cut in half!! A hand-held shower head!! Why didn’t I think of getting one of these before! Am I crazy!!! No more dipping my head under the shower! Just take that baby and put it straight on my head! (Oh and you can pause the water while you slather the conditioner to the other side of your sectioned hair!) LOL. This has been a lifesaver for me! If you don’t have one you should definitely invest!! OMG it’s so worth it!!! Makes wash day that much easier!!

xoxo Michelle


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