Summer Summer Summertime!!!!!


Hey ladies!!! Not sure how to care for your hair this summer or what styles to do??? Here a few tips and some cute styles you can rock this summer!! xoxo Michelle

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Wear protective hairstyles

Braids, twists and wash-and-go styles are amazing for the summer. If you’re going on vacation or just simply too busy to give your natural hair the attention it needs, these styles give you a bit of breathing room. The long Poetic Justice braids and Senegalese twists have become really popular, and there are so many ways to style them. Recently, naturalista Solange Knowles was spotted performing at The Roots picnic in Philly with really cute, large two-strand twists. Don’t be afraid to add some extensions to give you the extra length and fullness.

Add some color to your hair

Be daring and add an eccentric subtle blue hue or even a fiery hot red to your natural hair. If you’re not sure you can go that bright, opt to lighten your natural color a few shades. (For a good coloring system for natural hair, refer to our SheaMoisture New Hair Coloring System post). Remember that whatever shade you choose to color your hair, the sun will naturally lighten. Investing in a good shampoo and conditioner is vital when caring for your hair post-color. Invest in good moisturizers rich in nutrients so you don’t end the season with brittle, dry hair or even breakage. And remember to deep condition at least once a week.

Accessorize those tresses

You never quite know how your hair will react to the level of humidity or the hot waves of the summer. Accessorizing the right way could really be your saving grace. Carrying a pretty printed scarf around in your purse could take your hair from big and wild to tamed and fashionable. (If you’re looking for amazing turban tutorials, refer to our list of vloggers for easy-to-do techniques). A cute straw fedora or big floppy sun hat could be a fashionable alternative for days when dealing with your hair is just too much. Picking a nice flower as a hair accessory is always a cute alternative to adding flavor to a humdrum hair day as well!

Remember: the limits to the naturalista summer are endless. Experiment, have a little fun and embrace your kinks and curls in the process! (Credit from:

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