Natural’s Spotlight: Nikki


1. Tell me about yourself
My name is Nichole and I just moved to Houston, TX in June. Natural hair is EVERYWHERE out here and I love it!  I was born in Los Angeles, but I was raised in Colorado. When I moved to Colorado, I moved before my mom with some Hispanic family friends. My mom didn’t want them to mess up my hair so she put a Just for Me relaxer in. I was six at the time and from then on stuck with relaxers. I rarely went to a shop to get it done because the town I grew up in was predominantly white. Although I was an every six-weeker relaxer girl my hair was long and I never had any issues until I moved to Texas. Then my final relaxer was put on by a family friend and it seemed fine at first, but my hair started breaking off in the front a few weeks later. I had to get it cut into a bob from about arm pit length to even it out.
2. How long have you been natural?
My last relaxer was in January 2009 and I big chopped in May 2009.
3. Did you transition or Big Chop?
I big chopped because I didn’t know anything about transitioning when I decided to go natural and I couldn’t deal with the two different textures.
4. What is your biggest hair challenge? How did you overcome your challenge?
Honestly my hair journey hasn’t been very rough. I would say my biggest hair challenge is a twist out. I’ve only had TWO good twist outs and I can’t figure out what I did to make them look so good!
5. What is your hair regimen?
My regimen is clarify my scalp and hair about every three weeks, co wash every 4-5 days, deep condition once every 1-2 weeks with heat. I apply my leave in, seal in with either sweet almond or apricot oil, then a styler. I also diffuse instead of air dry because I love the volume diffusing gives you. I don’t really shampoo, i use Apple Cider Vinegar rinses to clarify my itchy scalp. My fave conditioners are Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle and Aussie Moist. I swear by peppermint oil to add in my sprays to help with itching. Kinky curly knot today and koils by nature leave ins are really nice. Everything else I haven’t found a solid staple for
6. What is your favorite style?
DEFINITELY a wash and go lol! I can’t seem to get any other style down.
7. What is your fashion style like?
I’m a pretty plain jane style wise, not much into fashion really. I can clean up if need be.
8. Where can we find you on line? What else would you like to add?

You can find me the following places:
Instagram: @nikkibcurly
YouTube: nikkibcurly (just started my channel)
Twitter and keek also @nikkibcurly

CYMERA_20130819_145335 CYMERA_20130819_145440


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