Taren Guy Presents: Luv and Learn Your Hair Tour Chicago!!


Hi Naturalista’s!! Happy Thursday to you all (Late Post LOL)! So this past Thursday I had the opportunity to cover the event presented by Taren Guy and Motions- Luv and Learn Your Hair. The event was a great success!!! Lots of Naturalista’s in the building!! I got the chance to sit down with Taren for an interview Check it out!!

Happily Ever Natural: What made you want to do the Luv and Learn Your Hair Tour?

Taren: Well I feel like, it’s literally what it is luv and learn your hair. The inspirational part is just as important as the educational part. So, when you combine both of those elements, it creates like a smoother journey in anything. It does not just have to be hair. I just want to combine that and create an experience for these women to just be comfortable with themselves.

Happily Ever Natural: Why did you start blogging? What was your passion?

Taren: I naturally,  just like connecting with people and sharing. So it just happened to be hair. I was curious about curls and how to do my hair. When I saw other women doing it, I was like wow, this really helped me so, let me share my journey and help other people. That was it and that was what got me going. People started following so of course I just kept on going.

Happily Ever Natural: How do you feel about putting you family on social media, with all the harsh comments that are put out there?

Taren Guy: I don’t really deal with it, I have stopped a long ago. I was a little too transparent in the beginning and I have realized, my boys are becoming teenagers now and they are going to high school. So its like let me not share too much, because that ugly world of the internet… its beautiful but its ugly at the same time and I don’t need to put them in that. So they are not a part of my social media that much, as they used to be.

Happily Ever Natural: How do you feel about the Natural hair Nazis out there?

Taren Guy: I feel like those people just like creating boxes and categories and that all they feel comfortable with. They want to create these boundaries out of nowhere. So they feel like other people should follow suit and they don’t have to, so they just continue to be miserable and unhappy if someone chooses to go a different route. So I’m not really feeling them!

Happily Ever Natural: What advice would you have to any new naturals who are just starting out?

Taren Guy: Take your time and get to learn your hair! Play with it, you can watch videos you can become inspired, but really feel it see how it reacts to certain products and styles. Take some time out,, I think a lot of it is spent watching and reading.  And then when you try it and you want it to look like that persons, more so than just seeing that what it does for you. It’s really about being an individual while still being inspired.

Happily Ever Natural: What advice do you have to any new bloggers out there?. I love blogging I feel like this is my passion.

Taren Guy: Just be real.  Yes this turns into a business and opportunities and all that but you don’t think about that when you are just doing something you love. All of that just comes. Dont compare yourself to other vloggers, and don’t think about numbers and free stuff. Just love it feel it connect with people and opportunities will come. Dont worry about numbers in the beginning it’s just does not make any sense. Be YOURSELF!! 🙂 There is only one you, only you can give that.

Thank You so much for sitting down with me Taren! Such a great person!! Ladies check and see if she will be in your city!! http://www.tarenguy.com/

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The Monroe Sisters Meechy and MsVaughn

The Monroe Sisters Meechy and MsVaughn


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