Does Dying Your Hair Make You Less Natural?



hair colored

This has been a topic I have been hearing about a lot lately. The natural hair Nazis are always at it!! Criticizing others for not following their made up rules of being natural. They are saying that if you dye (color) your hair, that you are not considered natural anymore!? Excuse me but isn’t your hair “YOUR hair”? Why should you be concerned about what other ladies are doing to their hair? I have encountered from some friends that because they colored their hair some naturalista’s would stop following them on instagram and in return make negative posts about dying your hair and not being considered natural anymore. I would like to know where this rule book of being natural is located??? When you find it let me know, I’d like to take a look. 🙂

In my opinion being natural is not having a relaxer in your hair. In actuality when you dye your hair when natural it is healthier because you don’t have the harsh chemicals of relaxer. It is possible to have healthy colored natural hair.

I think that sometimes ladies get too caught up into all this natural, not natural stuff. I don’t think we should be worried about what other ladies are doing to their hair at all. Its their hair not yours. I love all hair natural, relaxed or whatever!! Just do you!!! Lets just come together as a natural hair community and support one another. That’s what its all about!! Have a great day ladies xoxo 🙂

What are your thoughts on dying natural hair. Does it make you less natural? Weigh in!!


5 thoughts on “Does Dying Your Hair Make You Less Natural?

  1. Hey hon!!! Well I thought the same thing because I want to color my hair sooo bad! I thought that the chemicals that will be used will make my hair not natural anymore but duh, your hair is still natural, just with some color!!! It may just loosen my curl pattern to make it easier for me to detangle which is fine with me! I’m tired of the same thing so I will be coloring,and POSSIBLY cutting (haven’t cleared that idea with myself yet!) my hair soon!!!

  2. It’s interesting how divided the natural hair community can be. It’s only hair! Everyone’s ultimate goal should be healthy hair, whether it’s natural, relaxed, braided, weaved, etc. But to answer the original question, no I do not think dying natural hair makes it “less natural”. I would love to dye my natural hair, but I’m too indecisive on a color LOL!

  3. Not at all! IMO there is nothing sexier than a gorgeous auburn, warm caramel blonde, or a lovely chestnut brown on a natural chick!

    Black women collectively are over critical of each other, we must put an end to it!

    I loveeeee colored natural hair!

    Great blog btw!

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