Naturalista Business Corner: Eboni of Ebonnets by EboniCurls

 Hey Naturalista’s sorry I have been MIA, long story I will explain soon :). Trying something new on the blog, business features!! Check out my interview with Eboni of Ebonnets!! xoxo


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your company.

I am Eboni of Ebonnets by EboniCurls. I established my business two years ago on etsy and have relocated to

Share some of your natural hair journey.

I began transitioning to natural in 2010. I was noticing that I wasn’t retaining any length with relaxed hair and most ladies I saw with the longer, healthier hair that I desired were naturals.

Where is your company based?

I began my company while living in San Francisco, California. My company is now based in Clearwater, FL.

How did you come up with the concept for company?

I grew up sewing with different materials. While beginning my natural hair journey I noticed that the bonnets we get from the beauty supply store wasn’t the satin real material it made claim to be. Mostly some type on nylon. I began making the bonnets out of a higher quality Charmeuse satin.

What distinguishes your company from other companies like yours, whether large retail-chain or small?

All items I sell are handmade by me from my own original thought out patterns.

What is your favorite product that you can’t live without?

My favorite product that I make and sell are my satin scrunchies! It gets really hot here in Florida and I always have my hair pulled up into a ponytail or pineapple. I keep them in all prints and colors my purse, car, desk in my office, bathroom. I always have them in reach. They are also excellent for pineappling at night while you sleep to keep from laying on your curls and flattening your curls.

My favorite hair product that I couldn’t live without is Deep Conditioner. I could also use it to detangle, condition and style my hair.

What is your most popular selling product?

My most popular product is the Ebonnet. It is a satin bonnet that is double lined with two layers of satin. It comes with elastic and a satin drawstring. Most elastic looses its elasticity over time from pulling and tugging on it. The drawstring allows you to pull it tight to keep it from coming off while you’re sleeping.

Are there any new products or accessories on the horizon for your company?

I am always adding new prints patterns and designs. I am currently working on headbands. I have lots of ladies request headbands to workout in to absorb sweat.

Are you or your products making any appearances at anymeetups, or natural hair events anytime soon?

Yes. I’ve been invited to attend the MahoganyCurls meetup event in early December in Colorado. My products will also be featured in ESSENCE magazine.

Any transitioning or natural hair advice you’d like to leave with the readers?

While transitioning learn your hair. Wait until you are ready to becoming completely natural at your own timing. Do your own research. Don’t feel rushed. And remember its YOUR hair journey.

Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram & twitter: @ebonicurls


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