Beautiful Textures “Fall In Love with Your Hair” – Chicago Recap” + Coupon


Hey Naturalistas!!! So On October 28th I had the opportunity to attend the Beautiful Textures Fall In Love with Your Hair Event in Chicago. It was awesome!

From Beautiful Textures: “On Tuesday, October 28, women from all over the Chicago area gathered at CityPoint Loft for an evening filled with hair care tips for the fall season. The event included hands-on style stations, a live hair demo using a Beautiful Textures signature product, and product giveaways over food by the bite. A panel of beauty experts gave advice and tips on natural hair maintenance, how to achieve ultimate styling versatility with Beautiful Textures moisturizing products, and much more. Panelists included  Donna Neddo (Youtube bloggers of Donedo), Vaughn Monroe (Youtube bloggers of MsVaughnTV), Darya (owner and stylist at Darya’s Naturals Hair Boutique), and Kimberly Walker (Beautiful Textures Product Specialist). “

There was tons of naturalistas all with BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!

The atmosphere was very intimate! Lots of curltalk with curlfriends! I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful naturalistas come out for a great event. The panelists were very informative and beautiful might I add! Check out some pictures from the event below.


Photo Credit: Pearson PR  Consulting – CHICAGO/Tony Wilhight


Check out The Beautiful Textures lookbook Here:


Also Enjoy a coupon for $1 off Beautiful Textures Products!! )

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Natural Hair Highlights Using Maybelliene Eye Tattoo

HEYYYYY Y’all!!! I’m back!! Did ya miss me!! I sure hope you did!! The baby and I are doing well!!

So remember those Highlights I did like two weeks ago? (If you follow me on instagram) Well I did a video to show you how I got them! They were super cute!! Check out some of my pics!! Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube and also check me out on Instagram!!





Check out the Video


Product Review: Pantene Truly Natural haircare line

Happy Monday Naturalistas!!

So I got a chance to try some of the products from the Pantene Truly Natural haircare line. Check out my review!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pantene through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Pantene Truly Natural, all opinions are my own.

Pantene Truly Natural Clarifying Shampoo


– Description from Pantene: Pantene responds to your hair’s structure to help bring out the beauty that’s yours alone. Pantene’s Truly Natural Line is a line of products designed to help manage your natural hair. Pantene knows that your hair has a unique structure with distinctive twists & turns so hair can knot and be unmanageable. Pantene’s Truly Natural Clarifying Shampoo deeply cleans, removing build-up and oily residue, leaving hair shiny, clean, and refreshed.

Directions: Massage into wet hair to create lather. Rinse & repeat if desired.

My Thoughts: My hair badly needed to be clarified. I felt that this shampoo got my hair very clean and did not leave it stripped. I had no buildup left after using the Clarifying Shampoo. I was very impressed!

Pantene Truly Natural Deep Conditioner


Pantene’s oil-enriched Truly Natural Conditioner moisturizes and detangles natural hair. The Pro-V formula leaves hair soft, shiny, and protected from damage.

Directions: Massage into wet hair after shampooing. Start at tips and work toward roots. Rinse thoroughly. Gentle enough for color-treated hair.

My Thoughts: This deep conditioner was the bomb!! Ok… at first I didn’t think I would like it but let me tell you, I was able to degtangle my hair with no problems at all!!! I will definitely use this again!

Pantene Truly Natural Defining Curls Custard


Pantene’s Shine Serum provides intense moisturization and a long-lasting brilliant shine.  It leaves your hair soft, smooth, and protected.

Description from Pantene: Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Defining Curls Custard works with your hair’s unique structure to define curls and control frizz up to 24 hours, even in humid weather. This styling custard leaves curls manageable and feeling soft.

Directions: Apply to wet or damp hair. Scrunch or twist through small sections from root to tip. Do not rinse out. Style as usual.

My Thoughts: I used the Pantene Truly Natural Defining Curls Custard to do a braid out on my hair. I liked this product, but I will say that I thought it would moisturize my hair a little. But it did not. I definitely did have a defined braid out though!! I had 3 day hair yall!!!!!! Check out the pictures below!!! I will definitely use this again! Maybe next time for a twistout!

Pantene Truly Natural Shine Serum with Argan Oil


Description from Pantene: Pantene Truly Natural Shine Serum with Argan Oil is a daily serum that provides intense moisture and a long-lasting brilliant shine. It leaves your hair soft, smooth, and protected and ready for any natural ’do! Pantene’s Shine Serum provides intense moisturization and a long-lasting brilliant shine.  It leaves your hair soft, smooth, and protected.

Directions: Can be used over or under other Pantene products on wet or dry hair.  Apply 2-4 pumps to hands.  Scrunch or twist though curls. Use more or less as needed for your ideal style.  Do not rinse out.

My Thoughts: Pantene Truly Natural Shine Serum with Argan Oil is a great moisturizer!!! Pantene Truly Natural Shine Serum Left my hair feeling soft!!! Yes I will be using Pantene Truly Natural Shine Serum DAILY!!!! I applied the Pantene Truly Natural Shine serum to my hair after my braid out.

Check out the pics!! Let me know what you think!! Have you tried the Pantene Truly Natural Line?

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Naturalista Business Corner: Eboni of Ebonnets by EboniCurls

 Hey Naturalista’s sorry I have been MIA, long story I will explain soon :). Trying something new on the blog, business features!! Check out my interview with Eboni of Ebonnets!! xoxo


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your company.

I am Eboni of Ebonnets by EboniCurls. I established my business two years ago on etsy and have relocated to

Share some of your natural hair journey.

I began transitioning to natural in 2010. I was noticing that I wasn’t retaining any length with relaxed hair and most ladies I saw with the longer, healthier hair that I desired were naturals.

Where is your company based?

I began my company while living in San Francisco, California. My company is now based in Clearwater, FL.

How did you come up with the concept for company?

I grew up sewing with different materials. While beginning my natural hair journey I noticed that the bonnets we get from the beauty supply store wasn’t the satin real material it made claim to be. Mostly some type on nylon. I began making the bonnets out of a higher quality Charmeuse satin.

What distinguishes your company from other companies like yours, whether large retail-chain or small?

All items I sell are handmade by me from my own original thought out patterns.

What is your favorite product that you can’t live without?

My favorite product that I make and sell are my satin scrunchies! It gets really hot here in Florida and I always have my hair pulled up into a ponytail or pineapple. I keep them in all prints and colors my purse, car, desk in my office, bathroom. I always have them in reach. They are also excellent for pineappling at night while you sleep to keep from laying on your curls and flattening your curls.

My favorite hair product that I couldn’t live without is Deep Conditioner. I could also use it to detangle, condition and style my hair.

What is your most popular selling product?

My most popular product is the Ebonnet. It is a satin bonnet that is double lined with two layers of satin. It comes with elastic and a satin drawstring. Most elastic looses its elasticity over time from pulling and tugging on it. The drawstring allows you to pull it tight to keep it from coming off while you’re sleeping.

Are there any new products or accessories on the horizon for your company?

I am always adding new prints patterns and designs. I am currently working on headbands. I have lots of ladies request headbands to workout in to absorb sweat.

Are you or your products making any appearances at anymeetups, or natural hair events anytime soon?

Yes. I’ve been invited to attend the MahoganyCurls meetup event in early December in Colorado. My products will also be featured in ESSENCE magazine.

Any transitioning or natural hair advice you’d like to leave with the readers?

While transitioning learn your hair. Wait until you are ready to becoming completely natural at your own timing. Do your own research. Don’t feel rushed. And remember its YOUR hair journey.

Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram & twitter: @ebonicurls

Does Dying Your Hair Make You Less Natural?



hair colored

This has been a topic I have been hearing about a lot lately. The natural hair Nazis are always at it!! Criticizing others for not following their made up rules of being natural. They are saying that if you dye (color) your hair, that you are not considered natural anymore!? Excuse me but isn’t your hair “YOUR hair”? Why should you be concerned about what other ladies are doing to their hair? I have encountered from some friends that because they colored their hair some naturalista’s would stop following them on instagram and in return make negative posts about dying your hair and not being considered natural anymore. I would like to know where this rule book of being natural is located??? When you find it let me know, I’d like to take a look. 🙂

In my opinion being natural is not having a relaxer in your hair. In actuality when you dye your hair when natural it is healthier because you don’t have the harsh chemicals of relaxer. It is possible to have healthy colored natural hair.

I think that sometimes ladies get too caught up into all this natural, not natural stuff. I don’t think we should be worried about what other ladies are doing to their hair at all. Its their hair not yours. I love all hair natural, relaxed or whatever!! Just do you!!! Lets just come together as a natural hair community and support one another. That’s what its all about!! Have a great day ladies xoxo 🙂

What are your thoughts on dying natural hair. Does it make you less natural? Weigh in!!

Natural’s SpotlighJere


1. Tell me about yourself: I am a child of God, a wife, a mother, and a high school teacher, with a huge passion for all things beauty related with a focus in natural hair and fashion. I am also a vlogger and blogger and I am passionate about helping other woman feel beautiful and embrace the skin that they are in. 

2. How long have you been natural? I have been completely natural for 8 months after a long period of transitioning. I became fully natural on Dec. 12th, 2012. Yaaayyy!!!

3. Did you transition or Big Chop? I decided to do a “big chop” when my second daughter was born (Sept 2011). I had India.Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair” playing in the background as I watched my shoulder length strands hit the bathroom floor. After the first few cuts, I regretted it instantly and decided to do a mini chop instead of a big chop leaving about three to four inches of my relaxed hair. After my mini chop, I felt horrible because I was in this awkward in between state; I wasn’t fully natural but more than 1/2 my hair was lying on the floor. I cried for a week straight! Lol. Oh the drama! Thanks to YouTube, I learned some hairstyles, learned how to blend and care for the two textures and I cut little by little until I cut the last of my relaxed ends off December 2012. 

4. What is your biggest hair challenge? How did you overcome your challenge? My biggest hair challenge throughout this journey was embracing my hair during its shorter lengths and rebounding from bad hair days. I was so used to long hair during my relaxed days that seeing myself with short hair throw me for a definite loop. I went through a phase where I didn’t feel as pretty, but once I learned how to rock my shorter hair (pinning up the side, headbands, playing with makeup, and investing in some big hooped earrings) I was all in and my confidence increase tremendously. My days used to be ruined by a failed twist-out or a braid out that didn’t dry completely. I can wear head wraps or hats to my job so when I had a bad hair day the world knew it…lol! In order to overcome this challenge and frustration, I became the Up-Do queen. A failed hairstyle today is quickly translated into a fierce updo and I always feel fabulous with my natural hair.

5. What is your hair regimen?

1) I detangle my hair with a spray bottle filled with water and oil (coconut, castor, olive, and jojoba) and use KBB’s sweet ambrosia to help me detangle section by section.

2) I Co- wash every week with Organix Coconut Condition or Herbal Essence’s Hello Hydration.

3) I try to deep condition every 2 weeks and I use Shea Moistures Deep Treatment Mask.

4) I moisturize and seal every other night with H20, Elasta QP Mango Butter and Coconut oil and Castor Oil.

5) I do my twist outs and other related styles using the L.O.C method (liquid/leave-in, oil, cream hair dressing) and homemade flax seed gel.

6) When I blow dry my hair, I blow dry on medium heat using Tresseme Heat Tamer as a protectant.

6. What is your favorite style? Updos, twistouts, and protective styles like box braids and Marley twist. I love these hairstyles!! They are my definitely my go-to styles.

7. What is your fashion style like? My style is determined by my mood and though I love the trends, I tend not to deviate from my favorite classic pieces like soft and feminine tops, structured blazers, and clothing with sleek and clean lines. I don’t consider myself a complete trendy shopper because I don’t chase after every trend; only the ones that really catch my eye and tug at my fashion gut. I tend to experiment with colors and patterns. I love mixing bold colors with different patterns, and I am a huge fan of playing with different color combos. I make risky choices in one area of my outfit while playing it safe in the other areas. I love purchasing shoes that are classic and can be worn in and out of the different fads so I tend to keep my footwear very classic and chic. If there is one fashion item that I couldn’t live without, it would definitely be a great blazer….omg, I love blazers!!

8. Where can we find you on line? What else would you like to add? Firstly, thanks so much for allowing me to share with you and your readers! I really appreciate the love. I’m literally all over the internet so please check me out at:

Instagram: nappturallychicjere

Youtube: (Nappturallychicjere)



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Natural’s Spotlight: Tiffany


1. Tell me about yourself: Hi everyone! I’m Tiffany and I’m from Atlanta, GA.  I’m the creator of the marketing blog, Natural Hair in the Media. I love cooking, thrifting, working out, and writing. And, of course, my natural hair!
2. Did you transition or big chop
I transitioned to natural hair after wearing a protective style for 6 months.
3. How long have you been natural? I’ve been natural for awhile now! I did the big chop in February of 2005, and rocked a TWA for about a year. Going natural was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.
4. What is your biggest hair challenge? How did you overcome your challenge?
Right now, it’s dealing with locs that aren’t fully loc’ed. I decided to loc my hair 7 months ago. Although it took me 10 years to make my decision, I am very happy with it. I’m just ready for my hair to loc, but understand that I have to be patient.
5. What is your hair regimen?
I get a loctitian to re-twist my hair once a month. In between visits, I spray my locs with Oyin Handmade Juices N Berries, and I moisturize my scalp with EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Oil. I always sleep with a satin bonnet.
6. What is your favorite style? I don’t have one yet! I’m still trying to find great locs for short to medium length locs. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know!
7. What is your fashion style like? It varies. One day, I’ll rock a preppy look. I can transition easily to classy and vintage.
8. Where can we find you on line? What else would you like to add?
I’m all over the place, lol! You can find me online at,
Facebook ( and,
Twitter (,
Instagram ( 
Pinterest (