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Happy Hump Day Naturalistas!!! I just want to let you know that the site will be under construction. Major things coming for Happily Ever Natural!! Please Stay tuned!! Make sure you subscribe with your email for major updates!!



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Marley Twist Tutorial

Remember My infamous “Marley Twist” Tutorial? Check it out here!! Its time for some protective styling 🙂

Happily Ever Natural

Hello Naturalista’s!!! Sorry I have been MIA, I was sick with some sort of stomach bug that had me in the BED!! Any hoo, IM BACK! And with my much awaited Marley/Havana twist tutorial. If you remember a few weeks back I posted about my Marley twist attempt and I FAILED!!! *bows head* BUT… I CONCURED and succeeded!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!

Details: The hair I used was called Equal Marley braid Hair, I got it from my local BSS for $5. Many have asked how I got it to look so soft, I researched and this brand was a softer of the Marley hair and more easy to manage

the hair I got the hair I got

I also used eco styler gel along with my Qhemet twist butter, and ElastaQP mango moisturizer to twist the hair.

So I ended up using 4 packs, because I doubled the hair. I explain it all in my YouTube video found here 🙂

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Naturalista Hair Tips 101: The Baggy Method

Happily Ever Natural

Have you heard of the baggy method or even tried it for yourself? Well let me tell you… You will want to give this method a try on your next wash day. Here are the details on the baggy method.

You can do the baggy method 2 ways:

1.  Full Head

2. Ponytail or ends only

The purpose of the baggy method is to promote hair growth by locking in moisture. When you baggy your ends, after moisturizing them, you will promote length retention. This is simply because your ends will be moisturized and not dry and prone to breakage and split ends. Those of you looking for a way to moisturize your dry hair may want to try this method.

So how to you actually do this method?

  • You will baggy on hair that has been washed and conditioned. You will then can apply your leave-in conditioner or add more moisturizer to your hair. Followed…

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Transitioning- Protective Styling

Happy Thursday!!

Happily Ever Natural

Hey Naturalista’s!!! Transitioning? Don’t know what to do with your hair? Want something new? That will be low manipulation? Nothing is working for you, ready to relax it? STOP RIGHT THERE IN YOUR TRACKS!! DONT DO IT!!! Why not put your hair away for a few weeks so you don’t have to bother it? Protective styling is your answer!!!! Protective styling is any hairstyle that helps protect the hair from over manipulation. Also Protective styles prevent your hair from extreme weather, both hot and cold, and it prevents the hair from drying out. When you protective style you are giving your hair a “break”. Many install a protective style so that they can go days, weeks, or a few months without having to do your hair!

My Instagram, and Facebook has been blowing up with many naturalistas tucking their tresses away for the winter. So why not try a protective…

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Transitioning: Dealing With Breakage

Anyone Transitioning?

Happily Ever Natural


So you are transitioning and you are soo tired of dealing with your two different textures? Dealing with two textures makes transitioning very difficult!! One part of your hair is straight, while the other is curly or wavy!

You are at your whit’s end!! Right? You are attempting to maintain the two textures of your hair and this can lead to breakage. Don’t give up or give in to the creamy crack just yet!! There are ways to make your transition to natural an easier process while combating breakage.

Tip 1: Moisture, Moisture and Did I say Moisture?

Have you heard of the line of demarcation? Well this is defined as the line where your natural hair and relaxed hair meets. This line can be very fragile so you must treat it with care. You must make sure to keep your hair very moisturized to prevent breakage at this point. I suggest finding a very good deep…

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Happily Ever…. After


Hello My favorite Naturalistas!! I know I know I have been away but so much has been going on in my life!! As most of you know I recently got married, and we are expecting our bundle of Joy in June. I have just been taking time to be with my husband and family. But dont fret… I am back on my blogging. I am aiming for three posts a week Monday,Wednesday and Friday postings. Check out deets below of my wedding and reception!! xoxo

  We wed March 22, 2014 at City Hall, Located in Chicago, IL. This was one of the best decisions we have ever made. It was so nice, so memorable, quick and easy with NO HASSLE AT ALL!! I really enjoyed the day!! Afterwards we had breakfast with my cousin, and we stayed at a 5 star hotel in downtown Chicago called the Langham. If you are in Chicago check that hotel out! It is AMAZING!!!

IMG_20140322_104014 IMG_20140322_104001 IMG_20140322_101209 imagejpeg_020140322_102052 IMG_20140322_100859 20140322_150125


My mother and I

Hair and Makeup Deets: I wore my hair in a twist out. I used Edenbodyworks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Crème. My makeup was done by a girl I know who works at Mac. She did an amazing job!!

20140322_150046 20140322_145911

For dinner we went to Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse! It was also amazing, we ordered the Porterhouse for 2! OMG the meat was so tender and flavorful!! Then for dessert we had the 23 layer chocolate cake!!

IMG_20140322_213008 IMG_20140322_205245 IMG_20140322_205142

    On Saturday March 29th we had our Reception. The reception was held at a VFW hall near my house. My Mother-in-Law transformed the entire area!! The night was amazing!! I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Me and my Husband Randy are so grateful for all of our family and friends! We appreciate all the love and words of encouragement on our special day from all of you as well.

20140329_221634 20140329_220831 20140329_214648 20140329_214642 20140329_213212 20140329_213007 20140329_194353IMG_2051IMG_2046IMG_0852


My niece and Nephew 🙂


My beautiful Niece and I


My brother and Mother

Hair and Makeup Deets: I got my hair straightened by my girl Nadling at Salon Pressure . She gave me soft flowy curls 🙂 I love my hair. Also my makeup was done by @prettyeyesbyki on Insgagram 🙂 She also did a fantastic job!!


  Overall I would like to say that I am blessed. I have been with my now husband for 5 years. We wed on our 5 year anniversary 🙂 Keep God First and everything else will follow. I pray that each and every one of you are doing well and blessed. I thank you all for continuting to follow my blog!! It means a lot!!!     Now on to the next chapter… My little Princess expected to arrive June 30th!!! xoxo