Wand Curls on Natural Hair

Happy Tuesday Chicas!! Check out my YouTube video on how I achieved my curls for my birthday! I absolutely loved this hairstyle!!


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Natural Hair Highlights Using Maybelliene Eye Tattoo

HEYYYYY Y’all!!! I’m back!! Did ya miss me!! I sure hope you did!! The baby and I are doing well!!

So remember those Highlights I did like two weeks ago? (If you follow me on instagram) Well I did a video to show you how I got them! They were super cute!! Check out some of my pics!! Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube and also check me out on Instagram!!





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The Naturalista Pregnancy Chronicles Vol1.

LOL… Hey guys! Ok I am trying my best. I have been struggling keeping up with work and home. Its been really stressful at my job, I havent had much me time to do anything. I just wanted to check in with you guys to see how you all are!

I am doing well, baby is doing well. I am 22 weeks 🙂 We are so very excited to be welcoming our little princess into the wold!! Oh.. and yeah I have been planning my wedding reception as well, and that is a job within itself right!!

But other than that, I have a protective style. My fav Marley Twists because a sista don’t feel like doing her hair at all!! LOL

I also attended an event close to my home at my alma mater Governors State University. The event was called the Mane Event and it hosted some of my other blogger friends on the panel to discuss hair. As well as many vendors and hair stylists in the south suburbs.

Some of my blogger boos Parisade, Meechy, and Donedo and Nicole :)

Some of my blogger boos Parisade, Meechy, and Donedo and Nicole 🙂

I will be doing a few reviews soon so stay tuned for that. If you would like a topic to be discussed. PLEASE don’t hesitate to email me 🙂 I don’t bite. I want to know what you all want to talk about! Thank you all for being who you are! I couldn’t do this blog without you. I really do appreciate each and every one of you!!


Check out some pics 😉


My mommy and I 🙂

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Naturalista Hair Tips 101: The Baggy Method

Have you heard of the baggy method or even tried it for yourself? Well let me tell you… You will want to give this method a try on your next wash day. Here are the details on the baggy method.

You can do the baggy method 2 ways:

1.  Full Head

2. Ponytail or ends only

The purpose of the baggy method is to promote hair growth by locking in moisture. When you baggy your ends, after moisturizing them, you will promote length retention. This is simply because your ends will be moisturized and not dry and prone to breakage and split ends. Those of you looking for a way to moisturize your dry hair may want to try this method.

So how to you actually do this method?

  • You will baggy on hair that has been washed and conditioned. You will then can apply your leave-in conditioner or add more moisturizer to your hair. Followed by a shower cap. You can secure your baggy with an elastic headband.

The second way:

Can be done on dry hair, You will first apply a moisturizer (or conditioner) to your hair, then put on your shower cap (or plastic bag), and then secure into place with an elastic headband.

You can baggy for how ever long you want. I only suggest 30 min to an hour( basically the same time as deep conditioning)

Check out these articles on the baggy method.



Have a wonderful day everyone!!



Does Dying Your Hair Make You Less Natural?


photo: Thirstyroots.com

hair colored

This has been a topic I have been hearing about a lot lately. The natural hair Nazis are always at it!! Criticizing others for not following their made up rules of being natural. They are saying that if you dye (color) your hair, that you are not considered natural anymore!? Excuse me but isn’t your hair “YOUR hair”? Why should you be concerned about what other ladies are doing to their hair? I have encountered from some friends that because they colored their hair some naturalista’s would stop following them on instagram and in return make negative posts about dying your hair and not being considered natural anymore. I would like to know where this rule book of being natural is located??? When you find it let me know, I’d like to take a look. 🙂

In my opinion being natural is not having a relaxer in your hair. In actuality when you dye your hair when natural it is healthier because you don’t have the harsh chemicals of relaxer. It is possible to have healthy colored natural hair.

I think that sometimes ladies get too caught up into all this natural, not natural stuff. I don’t think we should be worried about what other ladies are doing to their hair at all. Its their hair not yours. I love all hair natural, relaxed or whatever!! Just do you!!! Lets just come together as a natural hair community and support one another. That’s what its all about!! Have a great day ladies xoxo 🙂

What are your thoughts on dying natural hair. Does it make you less natural? Weigh in!!

Natural’s Spotlight: Tiffany


1. Tell me about yourself: Hi everyone! I’m Tiffany and I’m from Atlanta, GA.  I’m the creator of the marketing blog, Natural Hair in the Media. I love cooking, thrifting, working out, and writing. And, of course, my natural hair!
2. Did you transition or big chop
I transitioned to natural hair after wearing a protective style for 6 months.
3. How long have you been natural? I’ve been natural for awhile now! I did the big chop in February of 2005, and rocked a TWA for about a year. Going natural was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.
4. What is your biggest hair challenge? How did you overcome your challenge?
Right now, it’s dealing with locs that aren’t fully loc’ed. I decided to loc my hair 7 months ago. Although it took me 10 years to make my decision, I am very happy with it. I’m just ready for my hair to loc, but understand that I have to be patient.
5. What is your hair regimen?
I get a loctitian to re-twist my hair once a month. In between visits, I spray my locs with Oyin Handmade Juices N Berries, and I moisturize my scalp with EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Oil. I always sleep with a satin bonnet.
6. What is your favorite style? I don’t have one yet! I’m still trying to find great locs for short to medium length locs. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know!
7. What is your fashion style like? It varies. One day, I’ll rock a preppy look. I can transition easily to classy and vintage.
8. Where can we find you on line? What else would you like to add?
I’m all over the place, lol! You can find me online at www.naturalhairinthemedia.com,
Facebook (www.facebook.com/naturalhairinthemedia and www.facebook.com/locstotalkabout),
Twitter (www.twitter.com/naturalhairads),
Instagram (instagram.com/naturalhairads) 
Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/naturalhairads)


Natural’s Spotlight: Monique


1. Tell me about yourself
My name is Monique Crawford, I am 25 years old. I was born in Jamaica, and I’ve been living in NY since I was 12. I graduated from Stony Brook University in 2005 with my BS in Health Science, but I recently got accepted into Nursing School, and will be starting this fall.  I am also the proud mommy of a puppy, bichon/shitzu mix (his name is Louis).

2. Did you transition or big chop
I get this question alll the time, and people are always shocked to hear that I’ve never had a perm.

3. How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural all my life, and was always the “natural girl” especially when I started living in the US. This is why I never had to big chop or transition. I started a growth journey after I cut my hair in a bob back in 2010. I’m so glad alot more people are becoming natural because I’ve realized a HUGE change in hair products especially in the last 4 years. There are alot more products to chose from NOW that actually cater to our hair, and for styling and keeping it moisturized.

4. What is your biggest hair challenge? How did you overcome your challenge?

My biggest hair challenge NOW is DRYNESS, I swear its the DEVIL LOL, along with split ends. The middle of my hair is always the culprit of dryness, but i’ve been learning to combat that with “watering” my hair more, adding Elasta QP olive oil and Mango Butter growth moisturizer, and sealing with coconut oil. For my split ends, i try to trim every 3-4 months. NOT all natural girls have to trim that often though (luckily). I have a good growth rate, so it actually helps my hair.

5. What is your hair regimen?
My hair regimen is a weekly deep conditioning, followed by twists or mini-twists, which i wear pinned up for about two days. Then on the 3rd or 4th day, I do a twist out, which turns into an amazing puff by the weekend. I’ve been using TALIAH WAAJID CURLY CURL CREAM, and it’s been SUPERB for my twist outs 🙂 . I started deep conditioning on dry hair, which i find retains moisture and softness better on dry hair.

6. What is your favorite style?
My favorite style is a twist out/flat twist out. But my favorite save the day style or “dirty hair day” style is ofcourse a BUN. It can be worn casually or dressy, messy or neat, and will never fail you.

7. What is your fashion style like?
I dont consider myself a fashionista, I honestly just buy cute clothes that I like lol. I shop in forever 21 and H&M a lot, and I always seem to find really nice pieces in OLD NAVY for work. Everyone who knows me knows that I love me a sale, and I’m a big THRIFTER. LOVEE thrift stores, you find the most unique clothes in there. Can never go wrong with vintage either.

8. Where can we find you on line? What else would you like to add?
I recently started a hair page on Instagram: CURLYGIRLMOMO, because I wanted to find other natural hair girls to learn more styles and products that I might like to try. I share the same information as well and so far so good 🙂