About Me


I began my natural hair journey in 2009. I decided I was tired of my unhealthy hair. I received my last relaxer in July 2009 and decided to grow my relaxer out. I had no idea that I was actually “transitioning”. I transitioned for over 2 years with the help of my Natural Hair stylist. Through trial and error I learned different styles and what products worked for me. I enjoyed sharing my journey and tips with other naturalistas, which is why I started blogging.

Happily Ever Natural exemplifies being a confident, courageous and unique individual. Happily ever Natural started out in June of 2012 to connect with the natural hair community in the form of product reviews, how to videos, and essential resources. http://www.happilyevernatural.com has grown in popularity since its inception and continues to be a go to site for “Naturalistas” in all stages of their natural journey. Happily Ever Natural transcends hair and encompasses the total person. Be Proud, Be YOU, and live HAPPILY EVER NATURAL!

On my blog you can find tips, advice, product reviews, tutorials and so much more! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!




xoxo Michelle




6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love this story this is amazeing. Keep up the good work iam so proud of you and the young lady thay you have become love you so much

  2. Awwww…..look at my Mishi! Your hair looks the bomb. Just to think I knew you when you went through the transition stage and look at your hair now….au natural! Keep up the good work. Just want to let you know I’m still a product junkie but I manage it so much better now….lol! Miss you Mishi

  3. I enjoyed reading your story. I saw you on Hairscapades page and because you were a long term transitioner, I feel connected! Lol. I am 3 months post relaxer and I plan to transition for.2+ years. So ill be reading your blog on recipes, tips, etc.. You said you wanted to be an advocate for long term transitioners. Awesome! Im motivated and your beautiful!

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