Naturals Spotlight: Tiffany

So excited to feature one of my favs!!! Check out her story ladies!!

1. Tell me about yourself. I am a 30 year old “Natural Hair Enthusiast” from OKC, OK. I work fulltime, but love to blog and vlog to help uplift, educate, and promote the beauty of natural hair.

2. Did you transition or big chop? I transitioned for 9 months. I received my last relaxer in June 2009 and did my big chop March of 2010.

3. How long have you been natural? I have been natural for a little over 3 years.

4. What is your biggest hair challenge? How did you overcome your challenge? Initially my biggest hair challenge was learning to love my own hair. I received my first relaxer at a very young age and for over 20 years that is all I knew. When I returned back to natural I didn’t know what my own natural hair texture was like and I didn’t know what to expect either. When I starting doing my research the only images I could find of natural hair were either loose, bouncy curls or tightly coiled, kinky textured hair. I figured my hair would be one or the other. However, when my I did my chop and my texture was starting to reveal itself, I soon realized my hair was a mix of many different textures. It was curly, wavy, and coiled. It was definitely not what I expected or hoped for. However, I had to embrace what I was blessed with and I learned how to care for it and in doing that I have fallen in love with my hair. I would not trade my head of hair for no one else’s.

5. What is your hair regimen? My current routine is pretty simple. I mainly co-wash my hair instead of using shampoo. I will co-wash at least once a week and shampoo my hair maybe once every 4-6 weeks. I found that co-washing allows me to keep my hair moisturized, by not stripping my hair like shampoo does and it still gets my hair and scalp clean. My conditioner of choice is Herbal Essence’s Hello Hydration Conditioner or Tresemme Naturals Radiant Volume Conditioner. When I shampoo my hair I use Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo. I will first put my hair into 4 workable sections and proceed to wash my hair one section at a time. After I am finished with each section apply my conditioner, detangle my hair and let the conditioner sit for about 10 mins. I will rinse it out one section at a time and then squeeze the excess water out. I will then use a cotton shirt to absorb any extra water. Next, I will apply my leave in which is Paul Mitchelle’s The Conditioner to each section and then I will apply my Moisture Butter or Curling Smoothie to my hair to add moisture. I will then apply an oil to seal it all in. My oils of choice are either Sweet Almond or Grapeseed Oil. I will then two strand twist my hair doing 3-4 twists in each section depending on the look I want. I will let the twists sit overnight. Lastly, I untwist my hair, separate with Coconut Oil on my hands, and fluff. My hair always looks moisturized and is defined when I do my twist out. That is my favorite go to hairstyle.
6. What is your favorite style? My fav hairstyle is Twist-out or an Updo!

7. What is your fashion style like? My fashion style is forever changing and I can adapt to whatever atmosphere I am in. I am currently really feeling the Urban Chic look!

8. Where can we find you on-line? What else would you like to add? To me being natural is a lifestyle change rather than a trend. It has opened my eyes and brought awareness to the products that I use on my hair and even the food that I eat, so it has made me more health conscious. Making the decision to return to natural was the best choice I could have made for the health of my hair. The overall health of my hair is better, it is thicker and longer now compared to when I had a relaxer. I love to share the knowledge I have gained by trial and error and by research with others, so you can check me out in the following places:

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EdenBodyworks StylewithEden Event CHICAGO!!!

The new line :)

The new line 🙂

Have you tried the EdenBodyworks line? Do you know about it? It is a great line by a young woman Jasmine Lawerence. I attended the EdenBodyworks Event in Chicago StylewithEden. They launched their new coconut shea line. It was an amazing event!!! I was really excited to attend this event and meet some of the Chicago naturalistas!! The event was hosted by @browngirlmktg on instagram Ylorie Anderson. There were gift bags full of goodies!! Food, drinks, and mingling. This was a great event and I had a wonderful time. The event featured panelist consisting of fashion hair and styles for the summer :).DSCN0098

The panelists for the event were:

Event put together by Renae of

They talked about all things from big chopping, to what to wear for the summer, to hair color, to end clipping!! So much INFO!!! 🙂

Also filmed by Natasha Gaspard of I follow her on IG and finally go to meet her, she is so pretty!! And super nice 🙂


 It was definitely an event for the seasoned natural hair vets to the beginners. I loved the topics that were discussed and the crowd participation, everyone was very informative and helpful.

There were two models, styled by:

Beauty Blogger Rachel O. of

Beauty Blogger Rachel O. was a model for the event. She looked FAB!!

Beauty Blogger Rachel O. was a model for the event. She looked FAB!!

DSCN0103 DSCN0102 DSCN0101 DSCN0100There was a sea of beautiful hair in the building!!!


ME!! :)

ME!! 🙂


Ran into my friend Ms. Lakeisha!!!

Ran into my friend Ms. Lakeisha!!!


my nisha boo! :)

my nisha boo! 🙂

Stay tuned for the review of the products I received…..and………….. some GIVEAWAYS.. Yes a few so STAY TUNED NATURALISTAS!!

Review: Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse


From Design Essentials Website:

Product Description

The Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse is perfect for loose wavy to tightly curled natural textures. Simple “Wash and Wear” styles are easily achieved with the Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse.  Infused with Olive Oil and Vitamin B Complex, the Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse nourishes the hair while providing added moisture and shine.  This lightweight formula dries quickly, defines curls and reduces frizz while giving hair a gorgeous, natural sheen.


Water (Aqua), Polyquaternium 55, Cetyl Triethylmonium Olivate Dimethicone PEG-8 Succinate, Decyl Glucoside, Cetrimonium Chloride, Methylisothiazolinone (and) Caprylyl Glycol, PEG 75 Lanolin, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Polysorbate 20, Fragrance (Parfum), Dimethicone Coployol, Citric Acid, FD&C Blue No.1 (C.I.42090), FD&C Yellow No.5 (C.I. 19140)


Wash and Go Styling: 1.  Shampoo with the Natural Curl Cleaner Sulfate Free Shampoo. 2.  Condition with the Natural Moisturizing Conditioner. 3.  Apply the Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse generously to wet hair and comb or finger through into the desired style. 4.  Allow hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser.  The Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse will disappear as it dries.  5.  Proceed to lift and style, as desired.

For Sets: 1.  Shampoo with the Natural Curl Cleaner Sulfate Free Shampoo 2.  Condition with the Natural Moisturizing Conditioner, apply the Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse generously to damp hair and comb through. 3.  Proceed to flat twist or two strand twist into the desired style and dry completely. 4.  Separate sets and style, as desired.


So I used this to set my hair for a twist and curl. I washed with Cream of Nature with Argan Oil, and conditioned with Design Essentials Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion. I did about 30 Twists. I parted each portion and added the mousse. Here were the results after my hair dried and I released the twists

Overall I loved the results. I had nice fluffy twists! I will reuse this product!! Happy Thursday Naturalistas!! Enjoy Your DAY!!20130326_094923

March Length Check, Randomness, Plus How I Retain Length!

Hey Lovely Naturalistas! So this past weekend was so jammed packed for me whew! It was my Boyfriends birthday, My little cousins sleepover, My brothers last bball game of the season, my nephew came home to visit, Easter dinner! And I straightened my HAIR!!!!!!!!!

So the last time I straightened my hair was October: oct lenth check

Now March 2013 Length Check: ( My stylist dusted my ends. So It is slightly shorter) It grew some but I Cant tell now LOL but healthy hair is better than longer hair! Remember that ladies!! If you are in Chicago Looking for a natural hair stylist check out Salon Pressure, 1333 W Taylor, Chicago, Il 🙂

march length check

Looks like the same picture LOL! But it’s not wow… I can’t tell the difference at all!

How I retain Length ( I guess my secret LOL) I don’t clip my ends often ladies!!! Maybe once a year! I have not had my ends clipped since last year! But, My stylist said my ends and hair was healthy because I take care of it and they didn’t need to be clipped often. I know many long-haired naturals that do this. There is also an article on it found here:

Here is a recap of my fun-filled weekend in pictures 🙂 Enjoy! xoxox Michelle

Any hoo Here are some pictures from my weekend!

Check my shrinkage yall CraZY!!!

Check my shrinkage yall CraZY!!!


Me and the boo

Me and the boo

Happy Bday HUN!!! Love YA!! 29 looks sexy on you LOL!

Happy Bday HUN!!! Love YA!! 29 looks sexy on you LOL!

Happy Birthday Randy!!

Happy Birthday Randy!!

My boo and my lil brother in their championship game :) they lost but they played hard!! GO NETS!!

My boo and my lil brother in their championship game 🙂 they lost but they played hard!! GO NETS!!

My lil nephew and I he bigger than me!! LOL

My lil nephew and I he bigger than me!! LOL